Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Warm Bath in a Cold December

Sammy decided that he is too big for the baby bath. It was just too restrictive for him. He wanted to be wild and free, like Griffin! I love giving the boys their bedtime bath. All except for the part where I end up all wet because Griffin has splashed too big of a splash and I just happened to be sitting right next to the tub washing Sammy when it happened. It happens almost every time I give the boys a bath, and yet I still have this romaniticized picture of the whole bathtime/bedtime routine. I think we have a good punishment worked out for the splashing, though. If he splashes and the water lands on the carpet or the person giving the bath, he gets out. Griffin loves his baths more than I love giving them, so that's a pretty steep punishment for him.

That's actually what happened in this series of pictures. Griffin was being a little deviant, and splashed me really big (my pants were more wet than dry) and then proceeded to get Mike's back wet too, so he was outta there REALLY fast, and Mike was taking him kicking and screaming down the hall to his room. Sammy, of course, wanted to know what was going on with Griffin, since Griffin is one of his favorite people in the world, and leaned as far over the edge of the tub as he could without touching it with his belly, as it was rather cold on his warm little body.

Miles decided to come investigate the bath process, I suppose because the threat of his getting wet was highly diminished due to Griffin's recent departure. He loves to watch the crazy humans do things that he would never dream of, in the exalted state of existence that he lives in.

And that is the story of one warm bath on a cold, snowy evening in December.


bonnie said...

I know all about getting splashed and then wresting with mr. slippery...he loves to race off to your bed fresh out of the bath and role around...or was that just a phase? It has been a month or so, but I am telling you...every time!!

Carody said...

He doesn't run away any more, because he gets spanked when he does that, and let me tell you what, spankings are very effective when there's no diaper involved! We don't beat our kids, you know that, but when Griffin refuses to listen and is writhing and squirming and running away and fighting us to make it hard to dress him... sometimes it's the only thing that works. I can yell 'til I'm blue in the face, but it has no effect on him other than to scare him and make him not respect me, and he also imitates my behavior, so if my first response is to yell, that will be his first response when he gets agitated too. Okay, I'm going to need to put this in a separate blog if I don't stop now!