Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cookie Cutter Christmas

Yes, those are cookie cutters on our Christmas tree. I had planned on not having any decorations, just lights, but was struck by a brilliant idea and decided to pull out the box of 100 Cookie Cutters that has been on a high shelf in the laundry room for a few years now. I had purchased it even before I had children in a fit of nostalgic something-or-other thinking it would be wonderful to bake cookies with such fun shapes, and there are shapes that can be used year-round (see the yellow flower on the front of the tree in the top picture? yes, that's a "W" beside it. And the faint orange ghost off to the right of Sammy in the bottom picture?). The tree turned out so cute, and even though the cookie cutters only stayed in their original places for about an hour or so -- there aren't really any ornaments from about 4 feet on down any more, they were all mysteriously knocked off -- it was worth it to see Griffin's face light up and watch him get so excited about helping decorate this Christmas tree he's been hearing about for weeks now!

I really wanted to put up the Christmas tree this year, since last year seemed kind of depressing and not very Christmas-like without one. I had reasoned that it would just be easier (Gordon's tail shattering glass balls, Griffin running around pulling off ornaments and chewing on tree branches) not having to deal with it and told myself that no one would see it but us, but without one it just didn't seem quite like Christmas. So this year I was very excited when it came time to decorate the tree and the house, even though I knew that some of my decorations had been destroyed in a flood we had over the summer (storage room, water coming from the ceiling, not a good thing!). I had my Rice Krispies treats (store-bought; Mom always made them from scratch), but I didn't make hot chocolate, so the tradition wasn't quite complete, but I did have Johnny Mathis playing on the sound system (it's not quite the same as the record player, but it'll do!) so I got to hear my "It's a Marshmallow World" and dance around like a little girl. I was one happy woman! It's such a nostalgic time of the year, and it's nice to be able to recreate a piece of your childhood after you've left home. I'm glad that Mom and Dad started such a simple tradition, because it is easy to carry it on now that I have my own home. And one year without it was more than I could bear, so I know it's something I'll be doing at least until the boys are gone.

The little tree is one I decorated with my ornaments from when I was growing up. The orange gingerbread man has always been my favorite. I can't explain why, but there's this huge feeling of nostalgia surrounding that little guy, and whenever I see him I feel good.


bonnie said...

How fun...hey you could add ginger/sugar cookies as ornaments out of the same cookie cutter shapes...then they would have to match up wich shape went with which cookie before they ate it. I don't know where that came from...but you are probably thinking....yeah right. The dogs and I shared a candy cane off the tree last night...they love the mint...Scuba used to steel them off the tree when he was a puppy. So you can tell us about your adorable children and I will respond with antics about my adorable furry babies. That is so fun you are establishing those traditions...the boys will love it.

Angela said...

The cookie-cutter tree looks awesome! What a fun idea!

How funny about Johnny Mathis...I've been playing his Christmas CDs since before Thanksgiving. Love his smooth voice! I took my mom to one of his concerts about 13 years ago...yeah, I was the youngest one there by like 25 years!