Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Plans

We are "celebrating" four times this year. Tonight we will be going to Mama G's house to open presents with Mike's family. His sister and her children will be in town, but they have to leave before Christmas day, so we're opening presents tonight. Then after the boys go to bed Mike and I will set up Griffin's Christmas present: a huge Thomas the Train set we picked up for a bargain the day after Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see the look on his face when he comes out of his room tomorrow morning! The train will be set up right outside of his room in the loft on a table (so that Sammy can't bother Griffin while he's playing... yet).

Tomorrow morning, after Griffin has played with Thomas for a little while, we'll open our presents to each other, just the four of us, and then have some breakfast. Bonnie and Caleb will come over some time too, which will be fun! The boys love to see them, and Mike and I really like spending time with them. It's great to have good friends. :)

Sunday morning we'll go to church. The Kid's Life director has planned a special morning for the kids. They'll rotate between three rooms, one where a lady will be reading the Christmas story, another will have VeggieTales "The Star of Christmas" playing, and another one where they will be able to make a craft. Mike and I will watch any of the babies who aren't old enough to be interested in the goings-on. I just love working in the nursery!

Around two o'clock on Sunday, we'll head over to my parents' house, where we'll open presents with my family and extended family. Grandma got to come over yesterday and spend a couple of hours hanging out with us at lunchtime. Then Christy stole her to take her to see Charlotte's Web with the girls while I watched Miguel (8 months old)... er, uh... took a nap with him. My babies don't really cuddle too much anymore, but Miguel is still quite the little cuddle-bug, and he was quite willing to hunker down and sleep so that I could get a nap in too while I held him. It was nice to spend time with Grandma and with Miguel!

Monday we'll go back to Mike's parents' house to spend Christmas Day with them. I'm sure there will be yummy food involved! I'll have to watch that I don't over-indulge and negate all of the exercise I've been doing lately. Which is where I need to go right now, I'm meeting a friend at the gym. Her son is Griffn's age, and they enjoy playing together. Or at least Griffin enjoys playing with him. He is kind of the "wild child" of the bunch whenever we're in a group of kids, so I'm never sure whether the other kids like him or are afraid of him.

Off to the gym!

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