Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I sat down to do my SuDoku puzzle this evening... yes, it has become a nightly event (there's a great website,, that has a new one every day), and Mike sat down with me, still munching on his head of cabbage. "My idea is shrinking!" he said.

Griffin was also at the table sticking alphabet stickers onto a piece of paper onto which I had drawn a blank graph of a SuDoku puzzle. Getting him started early! :) He was saying his alphabet while he stuck the letters on. He kind of goes "aeee bee cee deee yef gee kay eliminohpee esss tee vee exssswhyzeee know my aybeecees next won't sing me". I love it!

I said "My name is Carody!" and he said "No, MY name is Bippin... GrrrrrBippin!" It gets me every time! I laughed so hard. When Mike came into the room I asked Griffin what his name was again so that Mike could get a good laugh too. I hear laughing burns calories, so I'm all over that. I love to laugh.

I got to go out today with Bonnie. She got her hair done, and it looks so great! She couldn't get exactly what she wanted to done, because she's trying to go from dark brown to light blonde, and apparently (I learned a lot about dying hair today) it has to be done in stages if you don't want to look like Ronald McDonald. But she's being patient and doing what the hair stylist told her to do, which is admirable. Many people would have run out and bought a box of Bodacious Blonde Bombshell hair color and retreated to their bathroom. Not that I'm poo-pooing dying your own hair at all, but it's all about patience, right?

Maybe that's what my New Year's Resolution should be, something about patience. That would encompass eating (WAIT for your dinner, Carody, wait for it!!), weight loss (don't get discouraged if you don't lose 20 pounds a week), money (You don't really HAVE to have that right now, do you?)... yeah, maybe this year should be all about patience. I'm sure the boys would appreciate that. I get frustrated so quickly with their little boy antics, and most of the time they just want to be played with, which means me on the floor (yes, losing weight would be good) building, rolling around, tickling, laughing -- hey, maybe it's a workout in itself!

Yeah, I'll have to work on narrowing down the resolution thing. In the meantime, I'll just keep laughing. That's what my name means, anyway. I finally found a baby name book with MY name in it! It is American in origin and means "humorous". Well, I try. :)


Angela said...

Love the definition of your name! Mine is "angelic", duh, but so hard to live up to.

bonnie said...

Have you seen the TV show..."How I met your mother" ? One of the characters has a frequent funny line...he starts to say something profound and then says "wait for it" and then he finishes his sentence usually with a one word finale. It is very amusing.