Friday, December 08, 2006

Foods that Inspire... or Make Us Sleep

Sammy always gets tired when he eats his bottle in the highchair! He sometimes falls asleep while holding his bottle. The other day I was cooking in the kitchen and when I went into the dining room to check on him, I found that Griffin had taken the tray off of the high chair, and Sammy had his foot up and looked like he was truly lounging. Or maybe he would have been if he could have gotten the other foot up there before he fell asleep. He just looks uncomfortable to me!

Sammy loves to climb up all of the stairs and hold on to the bars at the top while jumping (bouncing, he doesn't really leave the ground) up and down and yelling like a baby caveman. In fact, that is one of his favorite daytime activities, because he knows Mommy will come running every time and "rescue" him. It is quite a long drop to the wood floor below, and although I think his chubby body couldn't fit through the bars, I don't want that to even be a remote possibility, so I'll go rescue him even though he thinks it's a game.

Griffin just loves to climb, and he is actually not allowed to do what he is doing in this picture, but he loves to be in pictures, so he ran and jumped onto the bars right as I was taking a picture of Sammy. *sigh* The little daredevil. He makes people nervous with all of his running and jumping and antics, but I suppose I'm just used to it, because it takes a lot for me to react and get nervous.

The last picture is the fruit that Bonnie got for me from Whole Foods when she took me shopping. It all looked so pretty that I just had to take a picture before we ate it all! It was so yummy, the kiwi was sweet and tart at the same time, the avocados were perfectly ripe and we at them up quickly, and the oranges inspired us so much that we have had oranges in the house ever since! They are our new favorite fruit. Not really new, but it's like we rediscovered them or something. The pears were so delicious and juicy, they were wonderful. And we always love bananas. My favorite way to eat them is with peanut butter for breakfast. So thank you, Bonnie, for the inspiration and the yummy food!


bonnie said...

Of course I have to imagine all that beautiful fruit all mushed up and mixed with stomach acid gurgling and that particular piece was eaten...was that cute pear sliced or carried around the house, was the banana squished between cute little fingers or hidden under the dog's dish for a snack later. Was the avocado mashed into guacomole or eaten by it's own delectible self. That is just how my brain works :)

Cute pics!!! Sammy's hair looks red there...where would he be getting that from? You will have to educate him all about how his hair will enter a room long before he does ;)

Carody said...

Most of the fruit was eaten in its own natural form, with no mashing involved. I believe we had a small piece of one of the bananas that met its end in the dog's mouth (on accident), but other than that, it fared pretty well! I did mash the avocado, and then wished I hadn't because I didn't have any tomatoes to add to it (I should have taken you up on your offer!), but we found out that we still like just plain mashed avocado as a chip dip, with a little salt and lemon juice it was yumm-o! :)

Angela said...

Oh, I'm hungry!

And, there is nothing like a good orange.