Wednesday, December 13, 2006

He's a Walker!

Sammy is now officially walking! He took his first tentative steps a few days ago, and has been gaining momentum ever since. It's not quite as fast as crawling, so most of the time he'll only walk somewhere when he's not paying attention. As soon as he realizes what's going on, he drops to the floor and crawls to where he needs to go. It is very amusing to watch him toddle across the floor while he's holding a toy. His full attention is focused on what is in his hands, and when he ends up on the other side of the room he looks around like "How did I get here?!"

He does get frustrated with us when we ask him to walk too much, though (see bottom picture). we'll set him down standing up and ask him to walk to us, and if he just wants to be held, he won't "perform" for us at all, he just flops to the ground and cries. It looks so heartbreaking, doesn't it? Yeah, I used to fall for it all the time. I hold him a lot, but this little one could be held all day and he still wouldn't be as close to me as he wants to be. I think he'd like it better if he were still attached!


bonnie said...

ah, so cute!!

Angela said...

Congrats, Sammy, on being upright!