Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Take It Back

Okay, I take back what I said about Griffin saying his alphabet. We went to church today and he got "schooled", and when he came home he sang them all perfectly as we sat eating our delicious, juicy barbecued chicken breast and peas. They have a video in the nursery that he absolutely loves, and pulls up a chair as soon as we get there (even if no one else is in the room, since we're usually the first to arrive). He loves the Alphabet Song, and The Wheels on the Bus (he flips out when we see a bus now, and starts singing the song). I feel bad for the nursery workers when the video is over, he probably goes nuts and doesn't know what to do with himself.

He's not into playing with the other kids too much yet, he's still pretty independent and sees the others as rivals competing for the toys, especially Thomas the Train. He believes that he is the only child who should have access to anything Thomas-related. We'll be working hard on the whole sharing thing before Christmas comes.

Mike and I were talking during lunch about how we can actually carry on a real conversation with Griffin now, and we have both noticed that he gets frustrated with us if we don't finish our sentences fast enough and will finish them for us if he knows what we're going to say.

Tonight is dinner at Union Station, a free dinner for the volunteers at church. In past years it has been $50 per couple, but this year they decided to just pay for all of the volunteers to go. It's so nice to be appreciated! I can't wait to get all dressed up and go out with Mike.

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bonnie said...

Carody - have you succombed to "meat and frozen vegetables"?? hehehe