Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today I took Cleo to the vet to get her stitches removed. She was spayed and declawed last week. Poor, poor kitty. But Miles couldn't be happier! He was tired of being chased all over the house. Now they just sit on the couch and lick each other, and only have occasional "cat attack" moments.

I also did my Christmas shopping for Mike. He's going to be a happy camper! I got him... oh, yeah, you thought I was actually going to say it, didn't you, Mike. HA! And then I was just reading some other women's blogs about buying secondhand Christmas presents and living frugally (I'll have to figure out how to put links to other peoples' blogs on here, they were awesome!). I felt so guilty! I could have just gone to the Salvation Army, or made him something... but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I'll study up on the art of frugal living this year (that is one of my goals for the new year, that and living a healthy lifestyle, we'll see if those two lifestyles can coexist!) and maybe next Christmas I'll have it all down pat and will be able to put more thought into what I get him. But isn't that what everyone says every year? I can't be the only one who does this! Every year I wait a little too long to decorate for Christmas, or buy Christmas presents, or send out thank you cards for birthday presents, or call people back when they've left a message on my answering machine... maybe I should work on procrastination next year!

Some of the websites I found inspiring were found on She has a blog (at the top of the web page is the word "blog", just click on it), and has other blogs or sites listed on the right-hand side of the page. I didn't look at all of them, because Mike called me an internet "junkie", so I thought it appropriate that I spend at least a little while away from the computer. So I threw a load of laundry into the washer (which I now need to throw into the dryer, as it is done washing) and sat down with my day-planner on the couch with him -- he was reading an R.A. Salvatore book I picked up for him from the library; he loves his Sci-Fi.

I wrote down everything I could think of that is coming up in the next two weeks, and then about 20 minutes later when he went downstairs (to play a sci-fi game on the computer, most likely) I got back online to post my blog. *grin* Maybe I am a junkie, but I like to think that I am "bettering myself" by learning how to be a better wife and mother when I read blogs by people who have been doing the whole "stay-at-home-mom" thing a lot longer than I have. As long as I don't spend time on the computer that I should be spending with my family, I don't mind checking my e-mail during the day and surfing the web to find good, fast, up-to-date information that can make my job easier. Who wouldn't want that?

And now I am going to attempt to make a meal plan for the next two weeks. Yikes! It might be a little too much for me to handle, I might end up with a one-week meal plan, but it'll be better than nothing.

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bonnie said...

Yeah, I got to thinking the candies sprinkled between all the other goodies in that Christmas box might not have been the best display of my support for your healthy lifestyle changes. Oops, sorry.