Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was hot and muggy inside the house a couple of weeks ago, and I was on the phone with Bonnie when I just had to say "Hold on, Bonnie, I need to go grab my camera for a second."
Griffin is officially following in his father's literal footsteps, and is climbing the doorposts. Somewhere there is a picture of Mike at around Griffin's age hanging on to the doorpost grinning from ear to ear. Well, now I have my own!
I was a baaaaaad Mommy and pulled a "Do that one more time so that I can get a picture, and then never, ever do it again!!!"
He hasn't done it since, but then air conditioning isn't nearly so handy because the humidity isn't a factor anymore. Hee!
Sammy wasn't quite so adventurous. He got a little way up and decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Good boy!

And no, they don't even try to climb the ladder in the background. Nah. That would be much too easy. It has STEPS.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A Dandy Dandelion

Mike went running outside the other morning saying "I have to show you this!" and he came back in bearing a massive (to dandelion standards) yellow flower. We measured ("what?" you say? -- but of course we measured!) and it was 26 inches tall. A great feat for any plant growing in our backyard. Have you seen the plants we have grown in our backyard? No? My point exactly.