Monday, November 10, 2008

A Leafy Story

Sammy was a bit pouty at first. But he's 2. What's new?
He was upset because Griffin got to use the rake first.
But then it was his turn...
and boy, did he have fun!
Then Daddy brought the dump trucks...
and filled them up with leaves!

The leaves were flying everywhere!

Sammy thought they were soft and comfy...
and they made a great hiding place!
Griffin liked to pick them up and throw them...
but Sammy just wanted to jump in and burrow down.
Griffin decided that sounded like fun!
Then, Daddy threw Griffin into the leaf pile!
He landed... thud!
Then it was Sammy's turn!
Plop! He landed on his tummy.

The End

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Late Halloween

The house across the street. He loves Halloween! I wish I had a tripod, because without the flash, the picture always came out blurry if my hands shook even the tiniest bit.

Our jack-o-lantern this year. Yes, I traced around the boys' hands...

And then I cut out the hands, and placed those hand cut-outs and placed them on the stairs leading up to the house. I wish I would have had some pumpkin-scented tea lights to put in the jack-o-lantern. I only had lemon. At least it smelled clean!

My tired trick-or-treaters! Sammy (in case you can't tell or just aren't familiar with kid movies)
was Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles), and Griffin was Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story)