Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Sunday was a fun day. Mike and the boys played outside while I got some time off and went to Archiver's, a local scrapbook store. I got a bunch of new paper to play with (It's amazing how much a simple thing like paper can make a girl so happy!!), and then had to leave because they closed at 6. When I got home the boys were still having fun on the swingset, so I went out to enjoy the nice weather with them. It was a lot more fun than the last time we all played outside! Last time (about a week ago - and yes, we've been outside since then, just not all 4 of us) Griffin was climbing up onto the flower box he has been using as a step to reach the hanging handles that swing (I can't think of the technical name for them), and the box tipped sideways. Down he came, headfirst into the corner of a 2-by-4. I knew as soon as his head hit that wood that it would be a "Big Owie". We brought him inside, because it started swelling almost immediately, and put ice on it -- you know it really hurts when they let you hold the ice bag on their head! Sammy wanted to be a part of the action, too, so I let him sit with Mike and Griffin, but it didn't work out too well. Sammy is just like his big brother... he loves ice! I'll have the pictures from this episode on another blog, because they are not wanting to upload for some reaason.

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