Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poker Night

Last night my parents came over and the four of us played Marbles, a game his dad made that is similar to Aggravation, where each player moves 4 marbles around the board with the desired result being that your team (girls against guys) gets all of your marbles into "home" first. It's fun, and it gets pretty intense toward the end! The guys won, but Mom and I only had ONE measly marble left to make it into home. No fair!

Then we taught Mom how to play poker. That was fun, and she did really well, too! She was actually winning, but then Mike ran out of chips (a thing that almost never happens, as he is a very good poker player) and it was getting late (time really does fly when you're having fun!), so we stopped playing.

Mike loves to go play free poker at the local places. He's really good and usually ends up in the top few out of around 30 players. Of course, I think it is because I always support him with a "Go, Fight, Win!!" as he walks out the door, but who knows.

I'm debating whether to stay up an hour later tonight or get an extra hour of sleep. With as many good books as I'm reading and studying right now, I will probably use this opportunity to stay up later. We'll see!

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