Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I thought the red devilish eyes were quite appropriate for this costume! Sammy makes a good Jack-Jack, er, um, Sam-Sam. He really liked being in his costume, and loved all of the attention he got while he was in it too! He got to hand out candy with me while Mike took Grrrrrriffin the tiger out to a few houses to have some trick-or-treat fun. It was Griffin's first time at trick-or-treating, and he looked like he had had a lot of fun when he got home. He has also been asking for candy all day long. I will hide it so that it's not so much of a temptation (for him OR for me)!!

There were quite a few trick-or-treaters, but not nearly as many as last year. The last two years we've handed out those pre-wrapped Rice Krispies Treats. We got SO many enthusiastic responses from those, and I know I'm going to do that again next year. The candy (I cleaned out my cabinets of anything sugar-laden and put it in a big bowl -- there was a lot!) just didn't have quite the same effect... I guess it's just something different.

Well, my secret sister gave me a Real Simple magazine... I'm going to go read while I have a moment of peace and quiet. It has taken me about 2 hours to write this blog, as I have been interrupted numerous times by a 2-year-old who wasn't quite tired enough to stay in his room and sleep.

Oh, I must mention my sister Christy's children. They were at Dad's office yesterday too, and their costumes were Lydia (7) - a princess, Kayla (6) - a gypsy, Brianna (4) - a Care Bear, and Miguel (6 months) - a chicken. Yes, a chicken. He was absolutely adorable! All of them were, really. Poor Miguel wasn't a very happy chicken though, as he has been fighting a cold for a few days.

Okay, now for some reading!

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bonnie said...

That picture is funny...don't photo shop it either! I have to agree they all looked adorable :)