Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Monday (Halloween Eve)

I didn't have any camera batteries, so unfortunately I can't post a picture yet, but on Monday we had SO much fun at my Dad's office. They had put together this big "Trick-or-Treat" event, and everyone had a big bowl of candy at their desk. All of the kids (about 30 of them!) followed the arrows on the floor and went Trick-or-Treating from cubicle to cubicle. It was so cute!! Sammy was dressed as Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, and Griffin was a tiger (again... his costume from last year still fit him, plus I didn't take any pictures last year and Griffin can't remember last year anyway!). I should have gotten an Incredibles costume for Griffin too, so he could have been Dash. Wouldn't that have been cute? Oh well. Next year!

Griffin got so much candy, and some of them even handed out litle toys and stuffed animals. He was so excited! Sammy loved all of the excitement too. Griffin's favorite part of the whole thing was a bubble wrap trail that was taped to the floor. He wanted to walk back and forth on it, and kept going back to it to get his bubble popping fix.

When we were done at Dad's office, I took the boys to visit Mike at his office. Griffin is getting used to being at "Daddy's Work", and he is beginning to be acquainted with Mike's coworkers, many of whom are quite interesting characters, but they love children and like to see Griffin and Sammy and play with them while we're there. Mike thanked me for bringing them; he had fun seeing them both in their costumes and sharing them with his coworkers.

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