Thursday, November 16, 2006

Terrible Twos

I actually got to take a nap today! The boys have colds or something, so they both slept for about two and a half hours. I was pretty tired when I put them to bed, so I decided to go enjoy a little shut-eye myself. I set the alarm for an hour and woke up very refreshed and ready to get on with my day!

Actually, before I took my nap, I hauled all of the toys that have been strewn all over "Middle Earth" up to the toy room. I think I have been keeping some of them on the main living level because I wanted the boys to have something to do wherever they are, but they (the toys) are just too hard to keep track of, and with Christmas coming I know there are more on their way. We need to go through the toy room now and get rid of the ones we don't use. The church nursery could use some new toys.

Griffin has been a little fiend these last two days! I think the cold is affecting him in a negative way. I'm not even giving him medicine, but he still acts like something has invaded his body and is making him act out in any way imaginable. Yesterday I asked him if his diaper was dirty, and he said "NO!" as usual, but then when I went to check it to make sure (I pretty much already knew that it was dirty, you can smell Griffin from a mile away... or at least a couple of rooms.), he HIT me!! Smacked me really hard on the chest, and knocked my glasses down my nose in the process. Mike just happened to be home for lunch when it happened, so he administered the spanking. I don't know if spankings are the answer for Griffin, because he seems to not respond to them very much, but we have tried time-out and he just runs to the chair (whichever chair it is), climbs up and just sits there grinning at us as if he's pulled one over on us and boy, are we stupid. It is so aggravating!! I think he's old enough that I could restrict him from playing basketball or something, so maybe I'll try that tomorrow and see if it works. He is definitely two years old, that's for sure!


Angela said...

Oh, I feel your pain on the discipline!

Carody said...

Hopefully having the structure of a schedule should lessen the need for it, but we'll see! I wish Griffin had come with a parenting manual. Sammy is easy, just hug him and love on him and he's fine!