Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Healthy talk

Okay, this is me talking about healthy stuff. I have a lot of head knowledge, but not a lot of experience. I'm working on the experience part!

My weight loss group (which I say I am leading, but I'm actually the only one without a gym membership in the group) just finished Dr. Phil's book The Ultimate Weight Solution, which I would totally recommend to everyone who is interested in losing weight. He really delves deeply into the reasons you have gained the weight, the relationship you have to food, the things in your life that cause you to make unhealthy choices and what you can do to change that, and the people in your life who sabotage (knowingly or unknowingly... Mike says there's no such thing as unintentional sabotage, but I disagree) or encourage your weight loss. I have learned a lot, and have lost 15 pounds and 6 inches off my waist while doing this study.

I'm looking forward to studying another good book, we're going to be reading Breaking The Food Seduction next. It sounds awesome, and I am hoping I can understand why certain foods make me feel good and how I can break the dependence on them. I love cheese, for instance, and the book has a whole section on cheese addiction. Yay! I love learning new things, I'm a total self-help junkie.

Bonnie took me to Whole Foods a couple of days ago and gave me the royal treatment. I got to pick out fresh fruits and veggies so that I would have snacks that appeal to me that won't "sabotage" my plan. It came at a great time, because since this week is Thanksgiving I can eat a lot more healthfully during the week and still indulge in a piece of pumpkin pie without guilt!

I read the whole chapter called "Your Circle of Support" to Mike so that he would understand and be able to encourage me to stay on track. He has been SO supportive of everything I have ever done (Mary Kay, Stampin' Up!, weight loss, staying at home with the boys, decorating the house....well, maybe not decorating the house... but that's a whole other topic of conversation!), and I love him so much!! He really is the most wonderful man I could have married. His mother did a wonderful job raising him (thanks, Mama G!). We both have our faults, but we have a great relationship and can tell each other anything. Anyway, he's been my biggest source of encouragement throughout this process. I got a high-five today after I told him I'd lost 15 pounds, and it felt so good! It makes me want to go work out... but right now I need to go to bed!


bonnie said...

You two are the funnest. There is nothing like having a downer day and showing up at Mike and Carody's only to be laughing, jovial and relaxed within five minutes. It never fails. It could possibly have something to do with the Griffin that comes frolicking to the door jumping and giggling and then rolling around on the floor like an otter until he has grasped the excitement that visitors have arrived.

bonnie said...

and congrats on the healthiness!! I hope you are feeling great!

bonnie said...

you are looking fantab!! (BTW that is the new cool fantabulous)

Carody said...

Aw, thanks, Bonnie Lass! (to use Mike's nickname) It's so nice to know that you see our home in that way. I'm always afraid we keep people here too long, because we just can't stop talking! I'm glad it's a relaxing experience coming here... maybe we should start a spa. No, wait, that would mean I couldn't have any clutter. Not gonna happen any time soon! ;)