Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Reveal

Okay, so the title was just a teaser. The Big Reveal will happen tomorrow. But I can tell you about it today!

Griffin's birthday is tomorrow, and as a gift to him (and to Sammy) I gave the upstairs hallway bathroom a makeover. It went from having yucky kitty litter boxes in the bathtub and litter stuck all over the floor, the toilet, and the sink, and the cats' food and water dishes cluttering the floor, to THIS!

Just kidding.

But I'll have pictures tomorrow. I worked on it for a long time today, and got all hot and worked up quite a sweat, and I'm tired now, so I rented a couple of movies from RedBox, and am popping popcorn as I type this. And it is done now. And Mike is coming up the stairs.

I promise to post those pictures...uh...some time before next Saturday! ;)

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