Friday, May 02, 2008

Sandbox time os one of Griffin and Sammy's favorite things to do. It's even on the schedule! Well, okay, so it doesn't say "sandbox time," it actually says "Outside." But it might as well be Sandbox Time because they spend most of their time outside filling up buckets, burying each other, dumping sand in each other's hair... this must be the boy equivalent to playing with each other's hair, because my sis and I used to play with each other's hair. We would have been thoroughly scolded by the other sister and/or "told on" if one of us would have DARED put something as dirty as sand in the other's hair.
The boys are usually thoroughly dirty, worn out, and smelling of little boy sweat when they come inside. The first thing we do is ruffle their hair to get all (most) of the sand out so that it doesn't find its way into all of the cracks and crevices of our house -- which it usually does anyway.
They are happily playing away with Play-Doh right now with their cousins Miguel and Brianna. So fun!

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