Sunday, May 04, 2008

What Day Is It, Anyway?

I have been confused since Wednesday of last week, and have been a day ahead since then. This wasn't so fun last week when I thought it was Friday and it was actually Thursday, but it did work out to my advantage today when I woke up and was going about my morning getting ready and playing with the boys. Then I saw the clock and went to wake Mike up. It was 9:06 and I knew that if he wanted to come home from work at a reasonable time, he'd better go in soon. So I woke him up and told him the time, and he was like "OH, I forgot to set my alarm!" and was about to jump out of bed when all of a sudden I realized that it was Sunday. Oh. Yeah. WHEW! One more day of freedom.

 Anyway, this weekend has been so much fun for me! I discussed it with Mike, and he has given me the "go ahead" to make Saturday mornings my own. I love going to the farmer's market, so I got up at 6:30 (I know! ME!!! Up before 7! It was amazing.) and headed on over to see what goodies I would come across. There was a lady selling jars of jelly and preserves that I just couldn't pass up, so I grabbed an orange marmalade for us (yeah, okay, for ME) and a sugar free strawberry for Bonnie, which she let me taste, and it was fabulous!
I also picked up a big bunch of green onions and a marvelous-looking bunch of asparagus. Oh yeah, and a basil plant. It's just a baby, but it already has a bunch of nice big leaves on it!

No pictures from the farmer's market trip, but here are a couple we took when we went up to bed on Friday night.

Griffin has been making his way into our bed almost every night while we are busy doing other things before we go to bed. We almost always find him under the covers, snoozing, but this time he was sprawled out in a very uncomfortable-looking position, and I just had to get a picture of those dirty toes.

Anyway, back to Saturday... After the farmer's market, I came back to our subdivision, where the yearly garage sale was in full swing. It was almost 8am, which anyone who is an experienced garage "saler" knows is almost too late to find all of the really great deals that the garage sale giver has unsuspectingly undermarked. You know, the stuff that is actually worth (to you!) a LOT more than what is being asked for the item. So here are some things that I found.

The wall hanging is called a French memo board, and I'll slip pictures and other memorabilia under the criss-crossing ribbons. It was $1.50.

A Little Tikes "mountain thing" that the boys are having SO much fun racing their Hot Wheels on. Mike even went next door to talk to the neighbors who were participating in the garage sale, and they had some Hot Wheels they were going to give the boys when they found out that Mike was about to go buy some, but Mike had the boys pay 5 cents for each Hot Wheels car so that they could learn about money. So cute! And it cost me... $2.

I got a big pile of books ranging from The Magic School Bus to Tonka Repairs to The Fuzzy Porcupine to The Puppy Tales Collection to The Fairyland Storybook to Where Fish Go In Winter... and that's not all of them! All for $5.

After the garage sales, I met up with Bonnie and we went on a little Saturday morning adventure. We drove up "to the city" to a very unique restaurant that has 66 different omelets to choose from, and 3-inch-tall biscuits, and crispy potato chunks, and good gravy! It was all so yummy, and I ate too much, but it was such a good meal, and the atmosphere in the restaurant is so fun... it's like an old-time diner. They even sell cakes there that are like a foot and half tall. Amazing! The food there is just delicious.

After breakfast, we went back to Bonnie's so she could feed Diamond, who had been silent as a mouse the whole time we were driving and eating. She went from silent to screaming really quickly while we were on our way out of the "big city," though, so we hightailed it home. After Diamond was happy, we went to get drinks at the gas station and headed over to our original destination: Antique Mall Heaven. Not its actual name, but it could be. There are hundreds of individual booths set up, and it would take literally all day to look at everything in the store. We had a time limit, because we were both headed over to a birthday party in the afternoon, so we looked only at the things we were interested in. I ended up with this:

I will use this beauty to hold all of my ribbon in my scrapbooking room. I was planning on using it to hold utensils in my kitchen, but it is too tall! I hadn't factored in the height of the jar versus the height of my cooking tools, but I LOVE the jar, so I'll put it to good use. It would make a great cookie jar except for the fact that the jar's lid has a unique scent to it that I fear may affect the scent of any cookies that were to go inside. I won't need to use the lid if I use it just for ribbon! It was $18... the most expensive purchase of the day.

Then today, which, it turned out, was Sunday(!!!), I got to meet Christy at Children's Orchard, one of our favorite children's resale stores, and go shopping for some shirts for Sammy. I ended up with quite the selection of shirts for him, as well as three pairs of sandals, one for Sammy (he has a pair of Griffin's from last year that were passed down) and two for Griffin. They are about to outgrow their beloved KU crocs, and I don't want to get to the middle of summer and not be able to find a pair of sandals for them. Because that's the way it usually happens around here. I wait until the boys really NEED something (usually something seasonal, like mittens or coats or... sandals) and then go looking for it, only to find that my only choices are everyone else's castoffs. Well, not this time! This time they got "cute" sandals -- at least that's what Sammy has been calling them all afternoon. "Cute, Mommy." He really likes his lime green Speedo sandals. I must admit, I think they're cute too.

Most of the shirts I got were $2.00 to $4.00, with the vast majority of them being $2.99. I just love the Orchard!! Their motto is "Find a Treasure, Save a Fortune" and it's so true! They also have lots of toys and games and puzzles, movies, cribs, bedding, swings... anything you might want! Oh, yeah, and we also found some great little baby girl things for Diamond. The cutest little hot pink sandals, some dresses and some shoes that she might fit into by the time she's 3 years old. Tee hee. But they were so cute! Actually, they were only a size 2, so she might be in them when she's... 6 months old? I'm not sure how baby shoe sizing works. Griffin wears a 9, and Sammy is in a 7 or 8. But they have really wide feet.
Anyway, I got 19 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of Hot Wheels pajamas, and 3 pairs of sandals... oh, and this beauty...

I call it the "two-fer chair"... it's like it was made just for Griffin and Sammy! They are actually sitting in it right now. :)
So all of that for the grand total of $130!! I couldn't believe it when she told me my total. That's less than a week's worth of groceries, for all of that stuff!!!!

Did you notice that I was excited? Yeah... it's been a good weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my type of weekend. Where is your farmers market? That is the way I start my Saturdays also. Sometimes I see garage sales on the way home and stop. I always wish I knew what your kids and Christy's kids need when I see the bargains. I am glad you are taking advantage of the yard sales in your area. It is a great way of "recycling, reusing".

I always have some gardening activity in the mix on weekends too. Farmers Market, yoga, coffee with friends, yard sales, gardening. My perfect weekend.

Aunt Susan

Angela said...

What a great chair!

Wish we could have joined you all at the F market!