Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It appears I will be getting up much earlier than my usual wakey-wakey time for the rest of the summer! I will need to be up and ready by 6:30 now!! We have another little boy who will be joining us for the summer, and he gets here early! I'm so excited to have a reason for getting up early again. I'm such a morning person!

It's disgusting, really.

I was always the one who showed up to work at McDonald's (that was over 10 years ago, I can't believe it!) at 6am -- which meant that I would have been up since 4:30 -- bright and perky and smiling and driving everybody else there nuts because they were tired and groggy and sometimes hung over from the night before. I soon learned to contain my excitement at getting to watch the sun rise every day, and just lean out the drive-through window (where I was usually placed because I was the fastest moving person that early in the morning) and soak in all of God's beauty while the morning dew evaporated and the sun warmed up the earth.

I love the smell of coffee brewing, or in my case now, espresso, thanks to Mike's famous poker-playing skillz. He won me an espresso machine, and I am learning how to brew the perfect cup for me. I broke the glass pot right off the bat, so I'm going to be buying one, but I can handle $13... lots better than paying for a new espresso machine.

My breakfast this morning has been:

*a banana, before my quiet time

*Bible reading... I am reading my new Women of Faith "The Message" Bible (Happy Mother's Day from my family!), and I love it! Today I read Genesis 9, where God established the rainbow as the sign of His promise to never again kill every living thing with a flood. I also read Matthew 1-2, about Jesus' birth and the wise men and Herod killing all of the baby boys ages 2 and under (what a horrid person he was!) and then I flipped over to Proverbs and read Proverbs 31, because I wanted to see what it was like in "The Message" version. Oh, wow. It was still just as convicting as ever, if not more...

*a cup of organic espresso with organic cream and Hershey's syrup (just negated all of the organic stuff there!)

*a mug filled with organic whole milk yogurt and topped with a generous helping of Flax Plus Pumpkin Seed Granola

Yummy stuff!

Now the boys are awake, and Sammy is sitting on the kitty, so I need to go run some interference!


Anonymous said...

Oh I look forward to my favourite time of day again when I don't have to spend it sleeping in order to function! Let's hope miss baby decides to be a mornimg person soon and gives up the late nights!

Angela said...

I have never wanted to work at McDonald's as much as I do now after reading your lovely description!