Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sleeping Beauty or Beast?

Mike worked the "late shift" yesterday (10-7pm), and then he got a new project to work on (they call it a PMR, as opposed to a PMS, which is what I feel like I'm going into whenever he calls me to tell me he has to work late -- I love you, Babe!) at the last minute, so he didn't make it home until almost 8 last night. I feel for all of the women whose husbands work odd shifts or late hours, because we really treasure our evenings with Daddy.

I got some precious pictures of Sammy, who fell asleep (!!) while drinking his bottle in his high chair (he may not take many naps, but he holds his own bottle!). He slept for about 5 minutes, and jerked every time the camera flashed. maybe I should have taken advantage of the precious time I had with him falling asleep, but I couldn't resist taking these pictures.

Griffin loves his pumpkin, and he wants to hold it whenever he sees it. I gave it to him to hold for a while yesterday afternoon, and he snuggled up with it on the couch... too cute!

Sammy is upstairs in his room right now crying so loud I think the window in there might just crack soon. I am going to put him in his bed when he starts to act tired and just let him cry for an hour or so until he figures out that he feels better after sleeping for an hour than he does after crying for an hour. Anyone want to place bets on how well THAT will work?

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