Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Restful Day

This post won't be too long since I already posted once today. I had a wonderful day, beginning with my Women's Life meeting this morning (I pay $10 for childcare for 2 hours, but it's worth it!) and then the boys napped after lunch until almost dinnertime! The meeting was really fun. We're discussing the book For Women Only -- what you need to know about the inner lives of men by Shaunti Feldhahn. Today we discussed Chapter 6, "Sex Changes Everything". Enough said!

I had mulling spices and cider on the stove almost all day today. After my rousing talk to myself about the "indulgences" I should indulge in more often, I decided to... well... indulge myself! It was wonderful. Now for the cleaning part...

I bought my mom's birthday present today! But just in case she reads this, I won't say what it is. Mike let me go out and take part of my weekly night off tonight. I also went to Children's Orchard this evening to get the boys some cold weather clothes and PJ's. I found some totally cute stuff! But I always do when I go there. I love consignment children's clothing stores! It's just not worth it to buy new clothes for growing boys. Griffin is 28 months old and still wearing 12 month pants (but then, so is Sammy, and he's only 8 months old!), so it is frustrating for me to try to find ones that are long enough for Griffin but don't fall down and reveal whatever cartoon character happens to be on his diaper. We used to tell him "Griffin, we can see Elmo!" or when he was dirty, "Let's go change your Elmo!" but we have recently switched diaper brands after discovering that Luvs (Blue's Clues) leak a whole lot less than Pampers (sorry, Elmo). Except for this morning. For some reason Griffin's diaper was really full this morning, and when he climbed into bed with us and laid down (which rarely happens, but it was too early for any of us to get up yet) he made a nice big wet spot on the sheet under him. The sheets are in the drier right now. Nothing like being short on sheets to make the laundry go more quickly!

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