Monday, October 09, 2006

Mama Got a Break

Sammy loves his vanilla teether biscuits! He enjoyed one today, as you can see! What you can't see is that he is also covered in sticky brown vanilla-scented cookie from his chest down to his knees. I had to hose him down in the sink after he chewed on it for 20 minutes. And what a glorious 20 minutes it was! I actually got to empty the dishwasher without him climbing inside of it or pulling out the bottom rack. Small blessings. Oh, and Sammy has a new habit. He sounds like a little Hispanic baby practicing rolling his r's all day. He used to only do it when he was extremely mad, but today he did it all day long, even when he was smiling and happy. I had fun doing it with him. I'm sure glad nobody is here to listen to us, we probably sounded pretty hysterical!

Griffin watched "Caillou" this morning, his favorite PBS show about a 4-year-old little boy, and today Caillou got to play ice hockey. So all during lunch Griffin was talking about hockey. "Caillou play hockey! Bippin want play hockey TOO!!" So I found a big paint mixer stick and another stick for me (one that Griffin "found" last week that looks like it might have been a vital part of a piece of furniture at one point) and I sat on the coffee table with my stick (I was goalie) and he stood across the room and whacked his little Chuck E. Cheese ball as hard as he could until he got it to go under the table (my legs served as a nice "goal"). This went on for about 45 minutes, which is the longest period of time this hyper little boy has played at one thing, I believe.

Mike and I got to go out to dinner tonight! We left the boys with a trusted friend whom they both adore and went to Granite City Food and Brewery, which has wonderful food and very good service. I had their artichoke and spinach (yes, they were serving spinach!) chicken sandwich. It was served on grilled whole wheat bread with waffle fries. SO yummy, but I really could not finish it all! This whole "eating better" thing is starting to affect me... I think my stomach has shrunk. Used to be, I would have eaten the whole thing so quickly I wouldn't have even registered that I was full, and then I would have gone home and had some kind of dessert on top of that! Sheesh.

We got done eating and still had the sitter for 2 hours longer, so we considered going to a movie but decided to go buy one at Wal-Mart instead. So instead of spending 17 dollars for the theater experience, we bought Little Women ( one of my favorite movies) and 3 pumpkins to decorate the front walk, all for $14.85. Can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

Ah, so I am "the sitter" now am I? he...he

Carody said...

Of course! We all just call you "the sitter" whenever we talk about you at home.

Silly goose!