Sunday, August 10, 2008

When I Grow Up

At bathtime tonight, as the boys sat soaking in a tub full of warm bubbles, Griffin and I had this conversation.

G: When Sammy and I grow up, we're going to get married.

M: Yeah... but not to each other.

G: No, I'm going to marry you!

M: Well, that's very nice, but I'm already married to Daddy, and we can only marry one person.

G: Oh.

M: You will meet a very nice girl when you get older, and you will want to marry her!

G: And then we'll have a baby.

M: And then you can have your baby!

(background: Griffin has been talking quite a bit lately about having a baby when he gets older. He can't wait to be a Daddy!)

G: I want a boy baby.

M: You do, huh?

G: Yeah. And then I'll have to buy a crib!

M: You will need a crib. And a stroller. And a carseat. And lots of diapers. And baby food. And maybe a swing...

G: Mommy?

M: Yes, sweetie?

G: Did you see the Lego tower I made? It was so tall, it went all the way up to my neck!

And that was that.

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