Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dog Pillow

We got Gordon a new big, soft, plushy, multi-layered dog pillow, made by Cesar something-or-other, the "Dog Whisperer"... and as you can plainly see, the dog just LOVES his new pillow.

Yeah. Whatever. He sleeps on it sometimes (when we tell him to). Only once or twice have I found him there of his own accord. In fact, I have to take a picture of this, be right back...
We even put his "blankie" on it, and he still hasn't quite warmed up to it yet.


This is what happens when the boys are quiet and sleeping. I revert to my dog-picture-taking days. I have so many pictures of animals from before we had kids. Now the animals are SO neglected.

Not really.
Here is a picture I took of Cleo last week. I actually took about 20 pictures of her, because she was doing all sorts of poses for me. We had quite the photo shoot. Isn't she cute? And she doesn't really "meow"... she squeaks. And she makes REALLY funny noises when she watches the birds out the front window.

I'm off to a kids' clothing blowout/sale/clearance event. Yay!!


Anonymous said...

yeah Cleo looks so deglected there the fat cat actually looks skiddy haha. She is dot really fat it just happeded to rhybe with cat, but she is not as skiddy as she looks! She has apparedtly learded sobething about how to pose for the cabera at just the right aggle too.
If you are confused about the above spelling, read some Charles Dickens, in the story of Bumble and Rose and Oliver and Master Bates, and all shall be clear!

Lorelli Fuella Foo Boo Baa Baa

Carody said...

Okay, Bonnie, you can come out of hiding now!!

Too funny... I'm going to have to find a copy of Oliver Twist now. We seriously need to start a book club.