Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Take The Tongue Out Of Your Mouth And THEN Talk To Me!

Yeah. This goes right up there with "Things I never thought I would ever say in my lifetime." But apparently the impossible can and does happen (rather consistently, like on a DAILY basis) when you are dealing with children (as any parent, babysitter, nanny, teacher or child care worker can tell you). It just so happens that Griffin and Sammy get great pleasure out of sticking the Mr. Potato Head tongue into their mouths and acting like it is their tongue... they can then stick their tongue out at people and not get chastised for doing it!... it just doesn't work so well when you are attempting to carry on a conversation with them. I said it before it hit my brain what I was actually saying... and then had a good chuckle over it with Mike, Bonnie and Caleb, who were visiting for dinner. Well, Bonnie and Caleb were visiting. Mike has to eat here anyway. :)

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