Thursday, April 03, 2008

I am feeling a little better today. Not too much, but a little. I'm tired and achy, but Bonnie is bringing dinner over (yes, the woman who is nine months pregnant and ready to pop any day now is bringing us dinner, what a woman!) and we just ate leftovers for lunch and got McDonald's for breakfast, so I haven't even had to cook.

We had J.J. over today. He is 4, and the boys all had fun playing together. J.J. loves superheroes, and since Griffin and Sammy really don't know anything about ANY superheroes, they listened with awe to J.J.'s tales of Spiderman, Superman, the Incredible Hulk, and Octimus Primus (I have no idea if I'm spelling that right, it's a Transformers thing).

They pulled out the Legos, and J.J. set to work building superhero robots. Griffin was then schooled on how to build a Lego watergun. That quickly turned into throwing the guns across the living room (who knew!?) which resulted in a Lego watergun hitting J.J. on the head. Oh my. It bled for a while (gotta love head wounds), and finally stopped when I put an ice cube directly on it. We then blow-dried his hair, which he loved, and he was as good as new. Griffin's bottom didn't fare so well, since he was the one who threw the "gun", and had apparently done it on purpose.

We broke out the Play-Doh, and watched as J.J. made replicas of superheroes and their cars. He's quite talented! Then we got out the crayons and construction paper, and J.J. colored a Spiderman on Griffin's paper, which Griffin promptly ruined by coloring it in the wrong way. Griffin loved it, though. He thought it was cool having an older boy here.

J.J. will be coming over again next week, and the boys are really looking forward to it. I am too; he's a fun kid! I'll post some pictures once I get his mom's okay.

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