Friday, April 11, 2008

Library Times

Christy just came over for lunch with Brianna and Miguel. That's always fun! I made stroganoff, which was really yummy (although I think the adults liked it a lot more then the kids did).

Miguel's personality is developing so much, and he is able to keep up with the boys (well, almost!), and they all have fun running and playing together! He is also learning how to defend himself when he feels threatened by something his cousins (that would be my children) are doing, and Christy is trying to teach him not to hit.

She took Brianna to school and came back to our house, and then we all made a trek to the big central library. They have a huge selection of kids' books and movies, and I can almost always find what I am looking for there. We got 6 movies and 6 books.

Mental note: Never take children to the library when it is their nap time. It's not pretty.

Mike is working from home today, and he is taking a short break, so he is on his way to the gas station right now to get himself a Coke and me some chocolate cupcakes. I know, I know. Not the right way to handle stress. But maybe I'll eat one now and wait until later to eat the other one. NOT

Okay, I have stopped writing this about 5 times to go and put Sammy back into his bed. And now he is out again. ACK!!!! I am so frustrated with him! Time to go put him back again.

Did SuperNanny ever write a book?

OH, there he is again! Mommy is coming back upstairs, honey, and it's not going to be fun to see me.

Is it because I messed with the routine? Hmmmm....


I'm so glad it's Friday!

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