Friday, April 04, 2008

Lovely Day

We just spent a lovely afternoon outside. The boys dug in the yard and rearranged the rocks while I swept the porch and cleaned off the chairs.

We had stopped at a garage sale this morning, and the boys each found two balls and a truck toy. Griffin's truck is a "Transformer"-type thing, and it turns from a robot into a cute yellow dump truck. They don't quite have the hang of "transforming" it, yet, so they bring it to me when they want it to be changed. I'm quite good at it!

Sammy walked up to a table at the garage sale and immediately picked out the one Bob the Builder toy there. I think his name is Scoop. He is a red bulldozer, and he even talks! He says, "I looove getting dirty!"... it's no wonder Sammy likes him. He can relate so well.

Oh, I forgot. Mike gave me a "job" to do. He is going to be vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets when he gets home (yay! what a man!) and he wanted me to have the boys pick up their toys so that he could get started on it right away.

Maybe I'll order pizza tonight. Hmmm. There is a really good pizza place close to here, and I can order online. How technologically advanced is that? Actually, Christy has had issues with their online ordering the only two times she's ordered from there, so maybe I'll call. But we love their breadsticks. Sooooo yummy. They spread cheese on a thin crust, then fold it in half and put more cheeses on top, and the spices are amazing!

The boys are scurrying around, with gentle reminders from me to "keep picking up and don't stop to play!" They want to make their daddy happy.

Oh, did I mention that Griffin had a big splinter in his hand, which is why we were only able to stay outside for an hour? (Might seem like a long time to some people, but an hour in little-boy-outside-playing-time is like two minutes.) We came inside and after much convincing he allowed me to dig it out with a needle instead of the tweezers. The "stick," as he called it, that was stuck in his hand (It's not a splinter, Mom, it's a STICK.) was down too deep for tweezers. Sorry if that makes any of you cringe and squirm in your seat. Griffin was amazingly (after a few minutes of crying and twitching when I brought out the needle) calm about the whole procedure. Of course, he DID have a popsicle. Because sugar has such a calming effect on kids, don'tcha know?

I think I'll go order the pizza now. The boys are almost done cleaning up toys, and I think they need some more "gentle prodding" to help them with their motivation. tee hee

It has been a good day!

Oh yeah, and I feel much better today. That helps.

I need to sweep and mop the wood floor

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