Friday, January 26, 2007

Things That Make Me Mad, a.k.a. Why Can't We All Just Get Along? :)

I'm going to post some things that make me mad. I'm not trying to stir up trouble or anything, I'm just going to post this for my own benefit, and I'm going to have fun looking back over the things I've written 10 years from now when my life will have changed.

The first thing that makes me mad is the website I checked out yesterday, which I won't post the link to because I don't think it is worth your time to go there. It is the sole intent of the woman who started this blog to poke fun at and criticize "housewives", as she condescendingly refers to us as. Wow. What a waste of time! I would think that someone so educated as she so apparently is would not stoop to devoting an entire blog to making fun of those who choose a different career than hers. I realize that some women who choose to stay home to raise their children -- and yes, I do call it a career, because if she weren't taking care of her children, she'd be paying someone else big bucks to do it -- believe that ALL mothers should not work, and that, in my opinion, is not correct. There are some mothers, like this woman, who would not make good stay-at-home mothers, for the simple fact that they would make their children feel that they aren't worth her time. This woman criticized a stay-at-home mom who was with some friends at Starbucks and had her young daughter with her, and the mother apparently didn't look at or speak to her child in the 20 minutes she was there. I believe that children should be able to sit still and be quiet and listen to adult conversation for 20 minutes! If they can't... well, let's just say that MY children can't do this yet, so I admire any mother who has the patience to teach her children to sit quietly while she has some time with other adults. God bless her! So I guess the thing that really makes me mad is that a woman can look at someone else's life and say that it isn't worth as much as hers because that woman isn't doing something the same way that she is.

It makes me mad when my children disobey me or blatantly disregard something I have told them to do. This is why I am working so hard with them to teach them obedience. I'm not going to follow anyone's "instructions", but I'm using many different ideas and instructions to find what I agree and disagree with as far as raising my children goes. I love the way children obeyed in the 1800's -- and am reading (along with many other books) a book called The Mother at Home by John S. C. Abbott. He wrote it in 1833. What an inspiration! When a mother can tell her children to play quietly with blocks in one part of the room while she is busy in other parts of the house, and they willingly obey her and don't fight with each other or throw blocks across the room or get bored or start running around, she has really accomplished something. Her children obey her!! Now, I wouldn't want my children to "play quietly with blocks" all day; I like the noisy rowdy times just as much as the quieter times. But if I needed to get something done around the house, how nice it would be to know they wouldn't be running around trying to get my attention in so many different ways! I believe that I do know what is best for them, even though I am not perfect. It is my job to instruct them and guide them and ensure that they come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and have a wonderful relationship with God as His children. I take this job very seriously!

Okay, I can't finish this entire post because Sesame Street is over and I need to finish getting ready for Sammy's party tonight. I don't know if I really had much more to say anyway! :)


Angela said...

Sorry...seems I made a lot of blood boil. My sister said she couldn't sleep well that night because she was so angry. That blog writer is so unbelievable it seems like it must be a joke.

Oh, I love your home binder--what a great idea to have everything in one place. And, please pass along any tips on your obedience training that are working for you.

Carody said...

Hey, Angela! Oh, I'm not blaming you at all, if I hadn't read her blog I wouldn't have been inspired to be an even better stay-at-home mommy. At first I thought it was a joke, too. I think she's serious, though. Something tells me she feels guilty or inadequate or something. She shouldn't, but some people take out their low self-esteem issues on other people, she just chose us housewives. It did make me mad, but I'm using that anger to make me a better person. Why not? So thanks for the inspiration. ;)