Monday, January 08, 2007

Sammy's First Word

Okay, he said his first TWO words today. Mike and I thought, oh, how cute, he's saying "Daddy" instead of just Dada -- we don't count mama and dada as his first words, because he's been saying those for months now, they're easy. But when we all came downstairs this morning, Sammy saw Miles and went ballistic, giggling and squealing, and saying "Kitty!" I should have known that would be his first real word, as excited as he gets whenever the cat is in his line of sight (and touch).
Also, while we were still in the bathroom, I was trying to see if Sammy could say any other words (since we assumed at that point that he had expanded his vocabulary to now include Daddy, not just Dada), and I said Ball, and he said, with great certainty, "Bah!" and went and picked up a little red ball from his bathketball set. Oh, he's so smart! And not even one yet. I can't wait until he's talking to Griffin so that I will be able to listen in to their little-boy conversations. What fun!

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bonnie said...

Go Sammy!!

I can't wait for his birthday party! Not assuming that I will be invited or anything :)hehehehe