Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yeah, about that...

So we didn't end up having the squash casserole for dinner tonight, but it is on the menu for tomorrow! We hadn't had pizza/movie night yet this week, and since Mike took Griffin out (to Pizza Street) on a "man date" yesterday for lunch... another blog altogether... he wasn't in the mood for pizza, but I seriously needed a break after having a very long, trying day with the boys today. So he picked up Chinese on his way home. I was good and ordered Egg Foo Yung (sp?), which I don't even want anyone to tell me is actually bad for me... but I'm sure it is bad for me somehow. Salt, maybe? I order the veggie one, so it's just eggs and vegetables.

Does anyone have a good all-natural pizza recipe, or a brand of pizza you especially like that is made with natural ingredients? I like California Pizza Kitchen, but I'm not sure about the health factor there.

Anyway, I'm off to RedBox to return Flawless (a superb movie, Mike and I both REALLY enjoyed it! highly recommend it) and rent our movie for the night!

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Susan said...

I like the Amy brand of organic and healthy foods. Look in the freezer in the health section of your store. I pick them up when they are on sale, which isnt often!