Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Passin' the Time

VERY long day of watching the boys... Four is so much more work than two, it is really unbelievable! But it is fun at the same time, and the day seems to go by pretty quickly.

We have named our little group. We are now "The Peanut Butter and Jelly Club" and we each play our own roles. I am bread. Griffin and Nicolas are peanut butter (chunky, apparently). JJ is jelly ("plain jelly", he told me when I asked him what kind of jelly he was). Sammy is bread too. And Mike... well. Mike is nuts. Er, well. Nuts as in peanuts. Apparently he is the "chunks" in the chunky peanut butter. Or so declared JJ today when we were naming our roles in this club of ours. And then we made a Peanut Butter and Jelly Club Sandwich... otherwise known as a Group Hug! Very fun. :)

We played outside twice today. It was SO nice this morning that we had to take advantage of it, and then this afternoon the sun was calling to the boys again, so they ran outside after JJ's mom picked him up and played like crazy little people until I called them in about ten minutes later. They were dirty from head to toe, so they had a bath. Ah, the sweet smell of little boys after a bubbly bath. It doesn't last long!

We watched Baby Songs Christmas this morning. I know, call me crazy, but I am in the Christmas Spirit lately! It must be all of the good will going on at The Painted House lately. There are some very generous people out there! And the Christmas music, along with the video of horse-drawn carriages, kids laughing and openings gifts, and families gathered around singing together, just put me in the mood even more. For Christmas, that is.

I'll be going out for coffee with Bonnie tonight. It is so nice to spend time out of the house with a really great friend! And no kids. What a concept! I just got home from a trip to Costco all by myself, which was nice, but not really my idea of a relaxing time. I need to sit. And then go to bed. My bedtime these days is still 9:30. Some days I make it, some days I push it 'til 10 or later and then drink espresso in the morning to wake myself up. Works every time!


Adrienne said...

Nicolas's espresso is hearing he gets to go to Griffin's house in the morning! You may be tired but he is having a blast!

Oh, and the punny joke in the cracker jack box started "What did the alien say to the plant?"

Carody said...

Oh yeah! And the answer is... "take me to you weeder" for anyone else reading this who, like me, didn't know the answer... even after a second time of hearing the joke!

I'm so glad Nicolas enjoys coming over. We love having him here! Whenever he's not here, I'm hearing "When will Nicolas be here again?" :)

Off to bed!