Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Night at the Ballpark

We had so much fun last night!! Mike's parents' church choir was singing the National Anthem at a local ballpark last night, so we took the boys to see their very first baseball game! Nicolas and Adrienne came too, and it was just a ball. hehe... a ball.

When we got to the ticket booths, we were approached by a man selling extra tickets his church group had purchased. They were $20 tickets, and they were selling them for $10 each. So we got to go up and use a suite!!! Oh, the joys of baseball. And no, I would NOT be saying that if we had not been enclosed in our own little area, with a nice big air-conditioned room (with tables to eat at) behind us. Totally worth the extra money. And I have been saving so much on groceries lately, I feel like we can splurge every once in a while now without feeling guilty! Of course, it was Mike's money we were using... poker winnings and tax rebate spending money... but I think he would say that it was worth it. Even $70 later. Yes, we spent $40 on food. 6 hot dogs, 2 orders of french fries, an order of chicken strips for $7.50 (with french fries underneath them to make the 5 measly "chicken" (mostly breading) strips look like more), 1 bottle of Coke and 3 bottles of water, and 2 frosty malts.

And we even had condiments in a little fridge in the suite, so we could prepare our food in air-conditioned baseball heaven!

And did I mention that the boys were restrained to a small area?

Yeah... we stayed for the whole game. TOTALLY didn't expect the boys to last that long. And we lost. But it was so worth the experience! And then a nice guy sitting in the section (suite) next to us gave Griffin and Nicolas (Sammy was with Mike, who had gone to find his parents and visit with them for a while) a handful of peanuts in the shells, so they sat to work getting the peanuts out, and then they went to pay the nice guy another visit, and came back with two boxes of Cracker Jacks! After many "thank you's" they both settled down and munched away on their boxes of crunchy goodness. Adrienne and I sat and giggled at the joke that was on the little "surprise" inside the box. My "surprise" was a dud... information about a baseball team I don't know or care about. Oh well. The joke was funny, and then she told me some more jokes and had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I love silly jokes!! Here's the one that I remember:

"Where did the General keep his armies?"

Don't know?

"Up his sleevies!"

Yeah, I was laughing so hard! I can't even remember the other jokes she told me, but MAN... too funny... it's been too long since I heard a good joke. Apparently!

A good time was had by all. :)

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