Friday, March 28, 2008

This is a happy blog post. I am sitting here, drinking my coffee, and the boys are... well, okay, they WERE napping, I can hear that Sammy will be coming downstairs soon. I just wanted to share a few pictures of things that have made me happy.

Pink Gerbera Daisies. They make me so happy! Daisies really are such a friendly flower, just like Kathleen Kelly says in "You've Got Mail." I especially like Gerberas because they are so hardy and don't wilt easily and don't have leaves on the stems, which makes for nice pictures. They are a very "clean" looking flower.
I picked up the flowers at Whole Foods about a week ago. They still look great! I wanted to capture their beauty on film so that I could remember the combination of flowers in the bouquet. It just smelled SO amazing as I walked past it that I picked it up and put it in my cart without thinking twice about it. It has eucalyptus, some sort of evergreen with little pink flowers on it, the Calla Lilies, and flock, which I had never smelled before but quickly fell in love with. It is a very clean smell, but flowery too!
I am such an impulse shopper, and the stores really know how to find their way into a girl's heart (and purse!). As I looked at the bouquet, I was struck by how similar it looked to my wedding bouquet. Okay, so it has some major differences, but they both have Calla Lilies, my other favorite kind of flower. I'm not going to say they are my second favorite, because I love them both equally as much. That would be like saying I have a favorite son!
Here is the wedding bouquet, sorry about the blurry picture!

The "LaTte" mug was a birthday present from Bonnie, along with a gift card to one of my favorite places ever, Starbucks! She knows me too well. I think she has heard me commenting on the "word" mugs... you know, "Coffee," "Latte," "Joe,"... well, maybe not "Joe," but you get my drift... every time we have gone any place that sells mugs. And she bought me one to shut me up. Just kidding. I LOVE IT!! I have had coffee in it twice, and she gave it to me on Wednesday night. hehehe... I know they say that caffiene is bad for you, but I honestly don't think I am as nice of a person if I don't have any in my system. This was evidenced a few weeks ago when Griffin asked if we could go to McDonald's for breakfast, "and please can we go get you some coffee, Mommy?" Yeah. Gulp.
Okay, so Sammy fell asleep again, which is why I am still typing away. And with caffiene in my system, I feel like I could go on for hours!! Yippee!!!!! Just kidding. I do have other things I could be doing (don't we all!) but I just love blogging.
I dug the last 3 days' worth of mail out of our tiny mailbox, and in it was the new Sonlight curriculum magazine! I'm SO excited to sit down and pore over it. Even though I know we're going to be getting the P3/4 (preschool for 3-4 year olds) curriculum, it is still fun to look at. Griffin snuggled up next to me and we had fun looking at all of the books in the catalog. He's so excited about school, even though we have been doing some school-type things already. It is the "official" feeling of getting your books, planning your schedule, and writing out lesson plans that is so exciting at the beginning of the school year. I remember every year being so jealous of Mom. She got to do all of the "official" stuff, and I had to do all of the work. Well, I know I will be doing a LOT of work, especially in the beginning years before the boys can read fluently, but I get to do the "fun" work, too, and that is exciting.
I know I have mentioned this family before to many of you, but hop on over to Angela's blog at to read more about their struggles and triumphs over 32-year-old Clayton's Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. They are a young couple with three precious children who are 4, 3 and less-than-a-year, and they recently moved to a new state so that CLayton could start his ophthalmology practice, and also recently decided to homeschool Ashton, their 4-year-old. Then the cancer struck, and they have put their lives on hold to fight it. They have even begun a strict vegan diet, and you can check out her dinner blog with tons of great vegan and non-vegan recipes at They appreciate any prayers on behalf of Clayton's health and their family's sanity as they go through all of this. So check it out and say a prayer for someone you don't even know! God can do amazing things if we only ask Him.
That's all for today, I am going to go look at my homeschool magazine now! Have a fabulous day.


Angela said...

Thank you, Carody, for the request for prayers! We need all that we can get.

Your flowers look lovely. I adore having fresh flowers in the home--such a simple way to have a little pick-me-up.

I'm trying not to think about your coffee, though. I did have a cup of decaf this week with agave nectar and rice milk--it was good! (But I know that decaf isn't wholly I felt like I was cheating a little.)

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of one of my Economics college professors who proudly told her class that her veins did not flow with blood....they flowed with caffeine...she used to hand out chocolate covered espresso beans to teach "supply and demand" as well as lecture about how there is only one Tom Cruise...and however many women...yeah...