Monday, March 24, 2008

Funky Hair

After the boys' bath tonight, they requested the luxury of sitting on the big bed and having Mama use the blow dryer on them until they were nice and toasty warm. Griffin especially likes this, and he has recently become aware of the fact that when he sits still for me, I can actually make his hair do some pretty fun stuff!! Tonight was no exception, so after he got warmed up from his bath, I worked extra hard creating this masterpiece.
He just came out of his room for the third time tonight, and the masterpiece is beginning to flatten. First time: bathroom. Second time: he forgot to take his imaginary worms (????) into bed with him; he had left them in my room, so he carefully collected them and deposited said worms into a purple tube, and set the tube beside his bed. Third time: he was sad because I didn't rub Sammy's back. I say, "Is Sammy asleep?" "Yes," he says. "Well," I say, "Don't worry, Daddy will rub his back tomorrow night. Okay?" "Okay," he says, and he goes back into his room.
Man, I would love to fall asleep to MY back being rubbed every night. I choose to sing to them instead of rubbing their backs. I know they don't like it as much, but I'll let Daddy keep his backrubs.
Mike is playing poker right now, and seeing as how it is 10pm and he isn't home yet (the game goes from 6:30-9:30), I am assuming he won 1st place and is playing in the second game. I usually get a phone call letting me know he is playing later, but oh well. At least he is having fun.
Okay, little G. is out of bed again. Time to interfere in this negative cycle! I wonder what it is this time...

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