Friday, March 14, 2008

New Furniture!!

The view from the entryway of our home.
And yes, I know that the top of my china cabinet is an eyesore.
My next project!

Our family room/TV room -- anyone have a media cabinet?

One of my favorite walls in the dining room.
This is right above the toy box, so I figured I could safely put up baby pictures -- this is Griffin in the hospital, and in his jumper-thing.

The view from the dining room.

Our living room, complete with new furniture!
People, really, you all need to come sit on it. You'll never want to leave!


I'm so excited right now, I really can't sleep, and it is after midnight! We got two new (to us) pieces of furniture, a couch and matching loveseat, that have found a new home in our living room. The couch we had in there was my sister's old one, and it had many ailments (it was fine when she gave it to us -- we are hard on our furniture around here!), including no attached cushions/pillows on the back for support (we lost or ripped the ones that it came with, but they weren't attached, and were used for throwing on the floor a lot by the boys), arms that were too high to sit comfortably, a board that bit you in the behind every time you sat down too hard on it (yeah, I'm a plopper, I plop when I sit -- I'm still working on my ladylike sitting habits!), a spring that was popping out the back of the couch, a tear on the right arm (right where your hand would rest if you could get it up on the arm comfortably -- it was so high, almost nobody used the arms), and fabric that was detaching from all around the bottom of the couch. Wow, did you enjoy all of those parenthesis (parenthisi? parenthises?)?

Needless to say, it had lived its life, and was ready to succumb to the "Jaws of Mike", A.K.A. "Mike -- Armed With A Saw, A Box Knife And Lots Of Trash Bags."

I found the new beauties on Craigslist and went berserk. Mike could tell you how excited I was... I honestly didn't think I would find something this "high quality" (okay, for $340 it IS high quality) on Craigslist. I had only been onto the site once before, when I was looking for little boy clothes, and was disappointed. But the furniture section is amazing! You just have to be willing to drive a bit -- this was about 45 minutes away -- and ask a ton of questions before you commit to purchasing it. Mike was very helpful, because anyone who knows me well knows that if I find something I like, I am bound and determined to get that very thing, and it is hard to talk me out of it. But Mike gave me some very good questions to ask the sellers, and I learned a LOT from the experience. I feel like I can go into my next Craigslist purchase armed with a lot more knowledge. Mike, is that you groaning in the background? (This was a lot of work for him. I love you, Babe!!)

My next tax refund purchase will be a laptop for use upstairs while the boys are awake, and for homeschool purposes, and also for the boys to play games on. And a bench/mirror/storage thing to go in the entryway of our home. Don't know what it's called, but it's going to come in handy for throwing all of our outerwear in in the winter. And as Grandma suggested, my shoes, which tend to end up all over the floor, hallways, bedrooms... what can I say, I like my comfort, and I tend to take them off and then forget about them. Maybe this will reform me!


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Congratulations!! Those loook so comfey :)


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Hey Carody,

You may want to add the website link to "Love These Places!" section for visibility :)

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