Friday, November 09, 2007

To Coco

Sammy has started saying "To Coco."

Don't know what that means?

Here is the interpretation.

Griffin was playing with the trains. Sammy took the trains away from Griffin. Griffin screamed. I intervened. Sammy had to give the trains back to Griffin, or else. Sammy gave the trains back to Griffin. Griffin said thank you. Sammy said "To Coco."

Now do you understand?

It is fun watching my wild little men learning to be polite. :-)

1 comment:

bonnie said...

wonder if it is the same meaning as I'll give you a "coker" ...
Apparently that is what I used to say when I was around Sammy's age...
when my mother tried for an interpretation, I told her it was yellow and it hurt! hmmm.