Saturday, March 10, 2007

For Caleb

So we're on our way home from the American Indoor Sports Arena last night, where we went to walk around and watch the people and kids (not that kids aren't people) play soccer.

Mike says "Griffin, what does the cow say?" and Griffin says "Eat More Chikin!" just like the good boy that we taught him to be. Actually this time we had wanted him to say "moo", because Sammy tries to say it now (it comes out "mmMMm") whenever he hears someone else saying it, and we wanted to hear Sammy try to say it so we could laugh at him.

"No, what does the REAL cow say?" we asked Griffin.

"Moo" he said after a moment's hesitation. We really should stop confusing him, but it's just so darned funny!

Than Mike said, "Griffin, do you know what Caleb says?"

Griffin went silent.

"Caleb says "Get a Garmin, or get lost!" can you say that? "Get a Garmin, or get lost!""

Griffin ponders things for a little bit, while Mike and I repeat this phrase over and over so that he can become very familiar with it before saying it back to us.

I stop talking and shush Mike, because I think he's finally ready to say it.

The golden moment has arrived!

"Get a Garmin, and GET LOST!"

We laughed all the way home.

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bonnie said...

That is too funny!