Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bonnie's Lemon "Lick-The-Floor-Clean" Cake

Bonnie makes a fantastic homemade lemon cake that has four scrumptious layers of lemon curd sandwiched between moist lemon cakey goodness, topped off with a mountain of fresh whipped cream and sweet-tart berries. It is the picture of perfection, and I'll post some pictures of the actual cake when she sends some to me (hint, hint!!). She made one for Valentine's Day, and our family got to come over for the first-ever Lemon Licking Cake Tasting! No, it's not actually called "Licking" cake, I just made that up.
She came to our house a few weekends ago and baked two more of these delectible perfectionisms (hey, it's a word now!) for a baby shower while we listened to the audiobook The Secret, which I will write more about later. When the cake was done, she whipped the cream. As she transferred a spoon coated in whipped cream across the kitchen floor, two things happened. First, a small "plop!" Next, two small boys plastered themselves on the floor to lick up the results of the plop. The floor was clean, by the way. Or I could say... the floor WAS clean.
Sammy was especially excited about the prospect of actually licking the floor!! And when he graduated to licking the whipped cream spoon itself, he was in High Heaven. Until Bonnie (oooops) accidentally dropped (after a couple of firm shakes of her wrist) another plop on the floor.
She had to do this, as my camera had needed new batteries and the first plop-licking was un-photographable. But my new camera batteries were raring to go, so her ploppings were photographed with delight. Oh, that sounds so wrong...
We were all bent over laughing by the time the whipped cream was all licked up.
And two little boys can't wait to taste Bonnie's Ploppings again.


bonnie said...

ploppings, lickings, hmmm way too many things coming to mind, but at least nobody got a licking for licking the ploppings. Lemon licking good. You've started something here!! Poor Martha, if only she knew! I will try to remember those pics :(
But yours are better...I think these capture the best part of the cake baking experience!

Angela said...

Please come make the cake for me!

bonnie said...

OK ;)