Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This morning before school, we played dominoes.  With Eric Carle pictures.  It is a lovely game called Matchominoes, which was a present to Sammy from Aunt Susan.  Thanks, Aunt Susan!  We have a lot of fun with it.

Next up was a craft made with craft sticks we bought last night on a family outing.  It will eventually be pen/pencil/paintbrush holders, and I'll post pictures of the process when they are done.

I think I *might* need to work with Sammy on perseverance.  He kind of gave up after only a few sticks.  Or maybe crafts just aren't his thing!

Griffin breezed through his schoolwork today, and then the boys wanted to play the Wii.  Only it just happened to be lunchtime.  So I told them that if they would make their own lunch when they were done playing, they could play the Wii during lunchtime.  And I sat here at my computer and enjoyed a lovely lunch of California Pizza Kitchen, Sicilian Style.  Fresh from the microwave.

It was heavenly.  Kind of.  And at only 43 grams of carbs, it totally fit into my diet right now!  Much better than the hot fudge covered brownie sundae with nuts and cherries and whipped cream that I wanted.  Well, I could have had the nuts, anyway.

Speaking of nuts, the boys decided that they would venture into the world of peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich making today.  Thus far, they have only made deli meat sandwiches.  There was more spreading involved!  And more goo!  And more mess!  And more fun!  Whee!!!  Yeah, I think they'll be doing that again.  Those PB&Js tasted WAY better than the ones Mom makes.   And I got a break, and a quiet lunch with only the sounds of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi in the background.

I need to go figure out what's for dinner.  It has just been a lovely day -- did I mention that it is above 60 degrees outside?  I've had the windows open all day -- and I wanted to write about it.

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