Monday, February 21, 2011

My Work

I read this poem today over at Women Living Well.

My Work

I have the greatest work in the world;
The job of rocking a baby to sleep,
That of guiding his tottering feet,
A baby's clothes to launder and fold,
A precious life to shape and mold,
A drink to give from a little cup,
At night his toys to gather up,
Hurts to heal and fears to quell,
A baby to keep clean and well,
A stack of diapers to put,
Oh, what a happy worthwhile day!
I am a "Mother."

I have the greatest work in to world;
A husband to encourage when things go wrong,
When he comes from work to greet with a song,
Denims and shirts to wash and mend,
A helping hand, when needed, to lend,
Three times a day is meals to cook,
To strive to be my best to look,
His back to rub at the close of the day,
For his faithfulness to God I pray,
When hubby's in the field I take lemonade,
for all these tasks his love has Paid.
I am a " Wife."

I have the greatest work in the world;
A home to keep happy, clean and bright,
Make things go smooth and strive for the right,
Jams to cook and jellies to make,
Cookies and pies and bread to bake,
Washing, ironing, and sewing to do,
So many tasks, will I ever get though?
Lettuce to wash and peas to pick,
floors to scrub, lost items to seek,
Dishes to wash and windows to shine,
These and many more tasks are mine.
I am a "Homemaker."

Help me, Father, to faithfully work,
Forgive if I unconsciously shirk,
give me the patience and love I pray,
To keep myself in duties way;
With all the hustle that each day brings
May I not neglect the needing things;
Each day to spend time alone with Thee
That Jesus Christ be seen in me.
Thank you for husband, our home, our girls and boys;
Thank you for love which brings me much joy.
Thank you , Lord.

----Mary Lou Burkholder

I was overwhelmed when I read it, at first, just because actually thinking about all of the work that goes into what women do every day is exhausting.  And I can also add "Homeschooler" to that list as well, and it's no wonder that some days the house doesn't look it's best!  ("Some days?"  Who am I kidding?!)

I was talking to a friend today about scheduling, and how having even just a yearly schedule would free up so much brain space.  You know, scheduling things like the animals' yearly vet checks, changing batteries in smoke alarms, preparing the lawn mower for another season of lawn mowing (which was what spurred the conversation in the first place; the neighbor was having his serviced today so that it will be ready when it is warm enough to mow).  

I have tried to schedule my household cleaning chores, and it didn't work for me.  I got so behind, I ended up starting my list over again several times before finally deciding that not having a list would be easier than the mental stress of trying to keep up with the list I had made.  But perhaps I was starting with minutiae, when I should have been looking at the overall picture.  I'm off to make a list of yearly "things to accomplish" and write them on my calendar.  Because it's only February, and I'm not too far into the year yet!  

Maybe I'll even tackle a list of monthly "things to accomplish"... or maybe I'll wait another year to see how things go with this list first!  After all, a new baby will be joining us in about a month, and that can change things.  A little.   

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I hope you do blog more. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.
Best wishes to you during your pregnancy!