Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hair Shaving Party

The hair shaving party was a success! My head is now shaved. Well, mostly shaved. I wasn't brave enough to go completely bald, but Caleb talked me into going with the #1 guard on the razor he graciously provided. I am still getting used to having no hair, and my scarves are really coming in handy now, as my head is pretty cold. I giggled when I came out of the shower this morning and didn't have to dry my hair, but I still used the blow-drier just to warm up my head a bit...brrrr!! Now I know why God gave us hair.

I had such a blast last night! It was great to be surrounded by family and friends during what could have been a traumatic experience for me.

Without further ado, here are just some of the 156 pictures Mike took last night. I had a hard time deciding which ones to post, they were all great!

Mom and Mark, my sister Christy's new baby

I'm just getting ready.

Bonnie got to do the fun part, since she had experience doing Caleb's hair.

That first buzz felt strange!!

Reverse Mohawk

Bonnie is hard at work.

Look at the hair fall...

Wonderful friends and family!!

Half done.

I didn't know WHAT I looked like, so I was still smiling.

They told me to do a combover with my half-head of hair.

Then Amber (pink) and Andrea (red) told me I looked like Donald Trump.
So I said, "You're fired!!"
Bonnie looks like she's having WAY too much fun...

But then, so was I!

Half without...

Half with!

Getting closer

Caleb didn't want me to have to be the first baldy at the party,
so he shaved his head prior to coming... isn't that sweet?
Here he is with Diamond... speaking of sweet... isn't she a doll??

Mom and Christy and Mark... can you tell that we are related? :-)

Nicolas is my friend Adrienne's son;
he is one of my sons' favorite people!


Mama G and Papa B looking on,
and "the girls"... left to right is:
Christy's Brianna, Amber's Kylie, and Christy's Kayla

I'm still not sure about all of this, but it is happening!

My first baldy massage from my handsome husband.
Bonnie did a great job, thanks Bon-Bon!

Finishing touches

Kylie and Kayla hit it off.

Kayla wanted to see what she looked like with red hair. hee!

my wig


Crying baldies

All 3 baldies :-)

Too funny!!

Awww... Bonnie and Diamond are precious.

Isn't she just TOO cute!?

Christy's Lydia wanted to feel.

Amber's massage was Soooooo nice...

And it didn't even freak her out!

Girls saying goodbye to each other.

Christy's Miguel... was a sweetie!
And check out my new purse, isn't it sweet?

My Sammy Boy

Adrienne's artwork :-)

She brought markers to sign my head with, what a cool idea!!

Griffin held the door open while people left. He was so tired after no nap!

Sammy told me, "Mommy, you look like a different girl!
You need to put your glasses back on."
He said the same thing when he saw me this morning. He's not used to it yet.

Lydia :-)


2sweeties said...

You are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, my first post didn't post! here it is again....

LOVE IT.... Mike took so many pictures last night and you picked great ones! Thank you for inviting us over, we had a blast! I wish Kylie didn't have school this morning so we could've stayed longer. Just let me know anytime you want a massage... I'm there! Keep that head warm!
Love ya,

ambergrant said...

Yayy.. I signed up for an account so I won't be anonymous! Anyway, I also wanted to say it was very nice meeting your family. They are all just as sweet as you. Let me know if you need anything... even if it's watching the boys for a while so you can rest! xoxox Amber

angela | the painted house said...

Aww, you did it with such fun and bravery! You look fabulous! I love your wig, too. And that 3 baldies photo is perfect.

Thank you for sharing with us, Carody.

Caleb, you are the man. Let's hope you aren't doing this every spring, okay?

Donna said...

Love the wig!

Family and Friends. Where would we be without them? Glad you have such a support system. Those pictures were great!

Anonymous said...

red hot! fabulous!

Anonymous said...

before that sounds's Bonnie!

Monkey's Mama said...

You have got the most beautiful glowing skin! Gorgeous...and no lumpy head so you're good to go. Love the temporary hair.

Praying for you daily! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful face, and it is even more apparent without your hair! Such a cool wig, too. . .
A stranger who stumbled across your blog

Kari Jenkins said...

Found your blog through The Painted House and just had to tell you that you look beautiful! Such an inspiration to those of us who have had cancer touch our lives. Thank you for being so brave!

Peggy said...

What an inspiration you are! You are gorgeous with or without the wig! Love and prayers.

Crystal said...

I also found your blog through The Painted House blog.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you for a full recovery. You do have beautiful features. And a lot of courage.
Be sure to eat as healthfully (is that a word?)as possible and spend time with your supportive family. You will be fine!
Take care,