Saturday, September 06, 2008

First Week Down!

Our first week of homeschool is behind us. It went very well, and Griffin is excited about what he is learning. We tried to do schooltime during naptime, but that didn't work out too well, so we modified our plans a bit. Monday was Labor Day, and since Mike was off we didn't have school. Tuesday we did our school while Sammy was napping. Same thing on Wednesday. On Thursday, Griffin requested that he be allowed to nap with Sammy, as he was "really tired." And then Mike came home and saved me (if you recall, I wasn't having the BEST day on Thursday). He sent me "out" for an hour before he left to go play poker. *sigh* What a man.

Where was I?

Oh yes. So we didn't do school on Thursday. But on Friday, I realized that the Sonlight schedule actually has us scheduled to do very little actual schoolwork every Friday, and since I had been a day "behind" all week since I thought it was Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc., etc., We did two days' worth of school on Friday, after naptime. I set Sammy up with "The Polar Express," (you know how they can watch the same movie over and over and over again without getting tired of it? This is that movie for my boys.) and Griffin and I got busy in the living room.

Most of schooltime is spent snuggled up on the couch reading, talking about what we read, and practicing the Bible verse for the week. Then we move to the dining room table for his activity book. He loves it! It is fun watching him try SO hard to stay in the lines when he colors. And tracing lines, and listening to rhythms I beat on the table, and circling the matching objects... it's good to be in preschool. Yes, yes, it is.

We did school today while Sammy napped. I think we'll aim for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to get our school work done. Then he'll at least have a nap every other day. And we can easily combine the week's work into 3 days. There is only about 20-30 minutes of "work" to do every day -- if you can actually call it that, it's more like "Mommy Reading Time."

We love school!

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