Saturday, February 23, 2008

Because I've been a slacker...

I haven't posted a Make A Card Monday this week, and I have a good excuse, really, I do. I have been working tirelessly (okay, I have been getting SOME rest) on the lovely baby shower we will have for Bonnie tomorrow. Can you tell I hang out with this gal a lot? Yeah, well, she's totally worth all of the trouble we (me and Heather, another good friend of Bonnie's) have gone to to get this shower put together. And I must admit, I have had a BLAST doing it, too. Maybe I should go into the party planning busine.....NAH. But it has been fun while it lasted. I can't wait for tomorrow afternoon. I want to make Bonnie cry. Only because I know I will be crying too; I'm such a big baby when it comes to this stuff. Baby. Hah.

I promise I will post MACM in two days, because I have something really cool that I have been working on for quite a while, but I can't post it yet, because it's a surprise for said shower tomorrow. Don't get your panties in a wad, I'll post it soon!

Meanwhile, here is a creation I worked on one morning. When Mike came up for lunch, he saw it and didn't say anything. Then Griffin said "Hey, Daddy!! Mommy made a PIE!!!

And Mike said "Mommy didn't make THAT!"

Which just goes to show how much confidence he has in my pie-making skilz. And yes, I do have skilz. I love me some pie, and when I make one, I put my heart and soul into it. Actually, he said that it was truly a compliment to say that my pie looked store-bought. So I accepted his statement and gave him a piece.

OH! And here is a picture of the bouquet Mike gave me on Valentine's Day. I had a rather unpleasant "yearly checkup" at the ob/gyn that day, and he knew how much I had been dreading it. He came home while I was at the doctor's office and left this on the table for me to find when I got home. Isn't that just too sweet? He knew it would make me smile... and I did. :-)

Here is the recipe for the pie.

Valentine's Day Pie
1 Graham Cracker pie crust
2 boxes banana cream instant pudding mix
1 small container strawberry cream cheese
chocolate chips (1/2 bag? 1/4 bag?)
*make pudding according to "pie filling" directions
*pour pudding into graham cracker crust
*fill decorating bag (I used the star tip) with cream cheese
*make two circles of stars around the outside of the pie
*make one circle of chocolate chips
*two more circles of stars
*one more circle of chocolate chips
*one more circle of stars, with a big star in the center
and you have yourself one very yummy pie


Anonymous said...

That pie is pretty, can't blame him for thinking it was store bought! But that would be a good one for him to remember, if he ever did genuinely forget to comment on something else!

Sorry to disappoint you on the crying, but believe me I was wowed.
It was spectacular and perfect. I couldn't have planned a shower that amazing, and that is saying something, hahahahahahahaha. No seriously. I am still reminiscing the details that went into it!!!


Tonia said...

Wow! That must have taken a lot of patience and a steady hand!