Monday, September 17, 2007

Figuring It All Out

Life has been very even-keel over the past few weeks, but my blogging time has been eaten up by a myriad of other things. Also, my camera has been out of commission... well, okay, all I had to do was bring the memory card up from the basement where I had been uploading pictures to my computer, but I kept forgetting to do it!

Anyway, today was a great day for playing outside, so I just left the back door open so that the boys could run in and out of the house while I baked cookies and did some laundry and dishes. Of course, the flies buzzing around the house are testament to the fact that the door was open, but it was worth it! Griffin just loves to play in the dirt, and Sammy is almost to the point where he will actually get involved in some level of playing with Griffin. Most of the time Sammy still wants to do his own thing or stick to Mommy or Daddy, but there are some occasions when I'll sneak up on the two of them happily working toward the same goal.

I came up with a list of rules for our family. Some of these will take some work on my part! I need to work on a couple of these areas. Here they are:

Family Rules

1. Love God and obey His Word.
2. Obey Mommy and Daddy quickly.
3. Be gentle with people and animals.
4. Tell the truth.
5. Listen to people when they talk to you.
6. Do not take things away from others.
7. Be polite.
8. Respect other peoples’ things – do not break, tear, color or jump on things.
9. Keep your food and drinks on the table.
10. Be happy with the things you have, and take good care of them.

These may not be in order of importance!

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Swylv said...

Cool rules! thanks for sharing.

I have debated not using Mela too but the Melaleuca oil will keep us from getting lice if we are ever around those with it and it's better for making sure the cats don't get fleas .. the chemicals in flea collars just scare me. Some would argue tea tree oil is the same, but the stuff at the store smells way stinkier and is not pharmaceutical grade ....and just yesterday I was thinking about quiting and Yeshua sent me a new customer ...I take that as HIM telling me not to quit being a customer.

again thanks for sharing the rules...would love to see some pictures of the boys playing in dirt, that is too funny .... my son has always not wanted his hands dirty.