Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dirty Fun

Need I say more?

But I will anyway. The boys LOVE playing in the dirt! Sammy pounds on the sliding glass door with an open hand shouting "Out-Dah!! Out-DAH!!!", his version of outside. It is known to be quite effective.

I love watching them play together, have I said that before? It it so sweet to watch Griffin showing Sammy how to drive the trucks through the dirt and fill them up with said dirt, only to pour it on Sammy's head a few moments later. Of course, the favor is returned a short while later.

You should see the mud in the bathtub when their after-dirt playtime comes to an end. It is really quite shocking!

The days are starting to cool down a bit, so I let them play outside for a long while in the mornings, then give them a bath with a baby-lotion finish after they are dried off. I just love baby lotion. I could write a whole blog about it.

And maybe I will.

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