Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ode to Hippo

You were there
when we brought
our first new baby
home from the hospital.
You were cast aside
many a night
because the doctor said
"No toys in bed."
You were snuggled by Mommy
more than by the babies
because she loved
your softness.
You are the reason
Griffin says
so clearly.
You have been thrown across the room
and used as a
pillowfight weapon
on more than one occasion.
You started to get
a bit faded and worn
after Sammy turned
one year old.
Then came the day when
two little boys brought
a bottle of lotion into their bedroom,
and you got in the way of their fun.
Mommy checked your label
and it told her
to only wipe you down gently
in order to clean you.
So here's to you,
Mr. Hippo.
You were a wonderful part
of our lives
for three soft, fluffy,
light-blue years.
Mommy will miss you.
Would anyone else care for a tissue?

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