Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Backyard Butterfly

This is our friend, whom we have dubbed "The Backyard Butterfly". He flutters around the whole time we are outside. Apparently Griffin is sweet, because the butterfly really likes to land on him. There is another butterfly that flies over occasionally, but our little butterfly chases him off so that he can have free reign over his domain. It's too bad we don't have any flowers back there!

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bonnie said...

reminds me of my pet moth experience as a child...I kept a Caterpillar in a climate controlled box that my mother helped me make or I helped her make, and he went in a cocoon eventually...but not before escaping his captivity hence his name: "Mischief" Well one day Mischief hatched into a beautiful Drunkard moth...and we set him free under a bush in the field. The end. Hmmm that story would make a good children's book. Lucky Griffin to have such a nice clean happy back yard and the butterfly to go with it!