Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Backyard Before and After

Just in case you couldn't tell, the first picture is BEFORE the transformation of our backyard into a safe place for the boys to play. We worked very hard on Sunday night to clean it up and get rid of all of the clutter and stuff that was laying around on the patio. It makes for a much nicer place to sit and read or sip a cool drink or munch on an ice-cold popsicle while the boys run and play.
As you can see, we moved the turtle sandbox to a nice shady place under the swingset, and the basketball goal got a new home between two bars on the side of the swingset. It's rather tipsy, so that's a good spot for it.
The bike and the doghouse were banished to the side of the house, and the little pool and the exersaucer will be thrown away. They have both been through way too much, and aren't even worthy of being given away.
We have played outside several times since the "makeover", and we all enjoy being out in the backyard 100% more now.


Angela said...

Looks like fun! We are moving to GA and have found a house with a real backyard--no more worrying about the kids rolling down the mountain. YEA!

Enjoy the summer!

Swylv said...

Your yard looks like lots of fun!

Hope all is going well your way.